• When you arrive there will be lots of new things to learn and new places to go to and many students may find themselves feeling a bit anxious during their first week.

    That’s why we make sure we have plenty of support in place - from helping you find the rooms you need to be in to arranging appointments with our specialist services.

    Just ask our Student Welcome team on the Reception for New Students.

    If you are feeling a bit anxious, when you arrive, come and see us at the Reception. We are always happy to talk and tell you about the support we have at Brookes. If you would like to talk to someone before you get to Brookes you can contact us, just email induction@brookes.ac.uk. We know going to university can be a stressful time for everybody, whether you're moving away from home or not, simply starting something new can be scary.

    But for people with anxiety this kind of change can be even more difficult so it might be helpful to Read Student Minds blogger and current student, Gwennan, tips on how to survive at University.

    There are more useful resources for Starting University on the Student Minds website.