• If you are moving to Oxford to study, the independence you will suddenly have might feel a bit overwhelming. You will be free to do whatever you want to do, there’s no asking your parents/carers, you just do it.

    With this new freedom comes new responsibilities to your flat mates and the Brookes community - it’s a complicated balancing act.

    Although we want all our students to enjoy the freedom university life brings and go through their own journey there will of course be university rules and regulations. We are also committed to a community where respect is an integral part of our daily lives - we will expect you to understand this.

    If you have any concerns or queries about being the person you want to be during your time with us then email induction@brookes.ac.uk, where there will be someone to talk to, in confidence, if that’s what you want. Alternatively you can contact studentwelfare@brookes.ac.uk before you arrive.