Student Support Coordinators

  • Any Questions?

    Student Support Coordinators (known as SSCs) are usually the first people you will contact if you have any questions or problems with your course.

    SSCs provide dedicated support in your Department and if they don't know the answer to your question, they will know someone who does. They offer a confidential and non-judgemental service with regular office hours.

    SSCs deal with a wide range of queries, such as how to use PIP and change modules, as well as personal and confidential issues. They can if necessary, refer students to one of the Central Services such as counselling, disability or an Academic Adviser.

    Some SSCs specialise in particular subjects. However, if the person you want to speak to is not available, you can go and see one of the other SSCs in your Faculty.

    To find out which SSC is in your Faculty, please visit your faculty SSC pages:

    If you are not sure which Support Coordinator to contact you can check on your PIP page under the Records and Results tab. You will also find the name of your Academic Adviser on this page.