Inclusive Travel Pass

  • All students living in Halls and full time undergraduate local or commuting students are eligible for an Inclusive Travel Pass that allows them to travel for free on all BROOKES buses. Please check the travel pass eligibility criteria if you are not sure.

    Online Applications

    Please apply online before you arrive in order to collect your BROOKESkey, after your face to face enrolment, from our transport Office. Students living in Halls will need their Hall address when they apply.

    If you apply once you arrive at Brookes please do so after your face-to-face enrolment.

    After face to face enrolment, students who have applied with a non-Brookes email address will need to log into their BROOKESkey account and update their address contact (please use your Brookes email address).

    Temporary bus pass

    Students who will not be living in Halls and who are eligible can collect their temporary card from the Transport Office (Lloyd Building - Ground Floor) on the Headington Campus.

    Students living in Halls will be given, during key collection, a temporary card which can be used until the BROOKESkey is collected. 

    Your BROOKESkey

    You will receive an email about when and where to collect your permanent BROOKESkey once you have completed face-to-face enrolment. This email will go to your Brookes Gmail account. If you used a personal email address for your application this will need to be updated.

    Discounted Travel

    Oxford Brookes University students can use their University Photo ID for on-bus discounted fares with certain bus services. Just show your University Card to the Bus driver. 

    In addition to University Photo ID travel offers, students (not eligible for the inclusive pass) can apply for a BROOKESkey which is similar to a London Oyster card. Students can buy travel products in advance which will be loaded onto their Brookeskey. Check the list of travel products you can purchase.