Your student checklist

Everything you need to do before you start your course.

This information will help you prepare for starting at Brookes and guide you through everything you need to do before you start your course. 

Your student card

You will receive an email when your card is ready for collection from Thursday 22 September onwards but this will only be once you have completed online enrolment and uploaded a photo. Keep an eye out for the email which will explain where you need to go and the ID you need to bring with you.

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1. Before you arrive

In this section we cover the first big things you'll need to organise as you prepare to come to Brookes, even before you have enrolled as a student.

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3. Online enrolment

You must enrol online to become a Brookes student.

You will receive two emails, one with your User ID (student number) and one with a link to create your Brookes password. It is very important we have your current email address. Make sure it is updated on UCAS or with the University (

4. Get connected - after 12 September

Once you are enrolled as a student with Oxford Brookes, you can use the information in this section to set up the online services and resources available to you from 12 September onwards. This includes your student emails, the online learning platforms and your timetable.

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