NMC Test of Competence

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have put together the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Oxford Brookes University's processes and about the Test of Competence.
  • To understand the process of Part 2 and detailed timescales please refer to the candidate journey documentthat is available to download.
    We have a range of downloads that will aid and support your OSCE preparation. The downloads that will support your preparation are:
    How to prepare for the OSCE’ and the ‘Taking your OSCE’/‘Candidate handbook’. We highly recommend you take the time to read these.
    You can only begin the OSCE stage of the Overseas registration process once you have received a decision letter from the NMC which will then enable you to contact us. The NMC will inform us of a candidate’s eligibility to take the OSCE. We are only able to book candidates who have received this letter.
    Once the candidate enters our process they will receive a link and password to pay, following this a link to our online booking service will be sent. The candidate chooses a date for the test which best suits them. They will have access to all our online resources following payment.
    To ensure you fully understand the expectation of the exam, please refer to the summary of regulations for candidates.

    The test centre is able to run OSCE’s 5 days a week, two days at our Swindon Campus and three days at our Marston Road Campus. Dates are available throughout the year and can be accessed to book via our secure examination booking system.

    Please note, test dates are closed 14 days in advance to allow sufficient time for candidates to prepare

    All information is available to you in our internal learning platform once you have booked and paid for your test. For additional information on the OSCE, you can download the ‘Taking the OSCE guide‘.
    A 1st attempt costs £794.00.
    The cost of a resit depends on how many stations a candidate needs to retake. A resit consisting of 1-4 stations costs £397.00 and a resit consisting of 5-6 stations costs £794.00.
    Candidates can change or reschedule their exam date however it is important to note our cancellation and rescheduling policy and take into account those timescales. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your exam please email ctc@brookes.ac.uk.
    For questions regarding the test day, reading materials and equipment used please see the ‘Taking the OSCE guide’. This is all the information we are able to provide in relation to the actual test in order to protect its integrity.