Policy on working in partnership with parents

  • The nursery recognises that parents are the child’s first carers and educators and therefore their views and knowledge of their children are paramount in ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible care. 

    The Key Person Approach

    The nursery operates a key person approach in order to provide the best possible working relationship for each child and their family and to ensure that individual needs are recognised and supported.  For more information on how the nursery operates the key person approach please refer to the policy.

    Sharing of Information

    The nursery encourages the sharing of information both on a daily basis and through bi-annual parents’ evenings when parents can book a time to discuss progress with their key person.  Each key person is responsible for collecting a portfolio of evidence for their key child’s developmental profile.  This is looked upon as being a shared document and parents and carers are encouraged to provide information through their own observations and photos to also be included.  We rely on parents to keep us updated on their child’s progress at home and concerning any changes to routine, diet and general health and well-being.  Each child’s individual planning sheet has a parents’ contribution box so that information regarding the child’s current interests and learning at home is taken into account to help inform the planning choices made by staff. We strongly believe that the more information shared between the nursery and parents regarding the child’s learning leads to improved outcomes for the children.

    The nursery regularly provides parents with information regarding the nursery through newsletters, posters, profile meetings, Childcare Forum meetings and information evenings.

    Involvement in the Nursery

    We believe that a parent’s involvement in nursery life enriches a child’s experience and we therefore invite and encourage parents and carers to become actively involved from sharing particular talents, reading a story (particularly in a different home language) to simply joining us on our different fun days and events.

    Mother’s are welcome to visit the nursery during the day to breastfeed their child and parents can observe their children from the upstairs windows if they wish to check on how they are settling into the nursery.

    Childcare Forum

    The nursery hosts a childcare forum each semester which is an opportunity for nursery staff and parents to join together and discuss any relevant issues concerning the running of the service.  The forum is also attended by Alison Cross, the head of our directorate (HR).  Parents and carers views are welcomed and any issues and ideas are shared and discussed in an informal way.  There is a suggestion box in the entrance hall for any issues to be raised at a meeting if people are unable to attend.  

    Families who have English as an additional language

    The nursery is committed to ensuring all families feel welcome and included in the setting and we have adopted certain practices to help support families with EAL.  We also support children within the setting by using lots of visual aids, signing, props and puppets, labels and signs in home languages, multi-language books and tapes and finding out key words to help with communication to name but a few.

    Induction & Transitions

    When initially settling a new child into the nursery, we work together with the parents to devise the best induction programme that will help both the child and their parents become confident with the nursery routines and familiar with the staff.  Children due to start in the Discoverers’ room may be offered a home visit by the manager and nominated key person, prior to the child’s first nursery visit.  Photos of the nursery and key person will be left with the child, hopefully easing the transition of settling-in to a new environment.

    Before a child is due to move up from the Explorers’ to the Discoverers’ room their key person will take them on integration visits, slowly building up the amount of time they spend in the room.  We also have two open evenings during the year to inform parents about the learning opportunities and routines of the Discoverers’ room.

    We also prepare the older children for starting school by planning school visits and working on the topic of ‘Moving up to Big School’ during the summer.

    Open-door Policy

    The nursery operates an ‘open-door’ policy with regard to discussing any concerns with parents and we are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about a child or the care that they receive. 

    If a parent has a concern about their child they are encourage to speak to their child’s key person.  Any other issues regarding the nursery should be taken to the nursery manager who can organise a meeting, if appropriate, to discuss them.  If the parent is unhappy with the outcome and feels it has not been successfully resolved, they should follow the nursery’s complaints procedure.

    This policy was reviewed in May 2018.