Department of Nursing

“Very good practice” - Skills Labs score 90% in most recent inspection.

Monday, 19 March 2018

skills inspection

We have recently had our annual health and safety inspection by the Safety Manager, Tim McGill, which received very positive results. It’s another excellent piece of feedback for our skills labs, which last year underwent a widely praised refurbishment.

During the inspection, Tim commented on the significant improvements found since his last visit, saying: “there have been numerous changes to the working practices and equipment which have made significant safety related improvements.”

Tim also commented on the refurbishment and how we have made the rooms more orderly and safer for users to work in.

Another key difference awarded to the report from the last inspection was the significant changes to the storage of the equipment and materials. Tim especially highlighted the difference that the new Flexmort storage racks for manikins had made. These can be awkward to move around and the new equipment has improved both safety and accessibility.

Tim was more than pleased by areas in the skills suites used to store equipment. He rewarded this as “very good practice”.

Overall, the inspection was very positive with many improvements to our already strong health and safety practices. Overall, the accommodation and work places do not only conform to health and safety requirements, but they score an impressive 90%.

Many thanks go out to the technical staff for their continuing excellent work. As Dr Dan Butcher (Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing) puts it: “The new facilities provide us with the opportunity [for students] to immerse themselves in the learning experience whilst feeling safe.”