• Pilot Windows 10 PCs and the new software launcher 'Apps Anywhere'

    We are running a pilot on some of the University's stand-up PCs, to trial Windows 10 and the new Apps Anywhere portal to access University software. Please give them a try. 

    You can access this software portal from the Chrome browser that automatically opens when you log in (big red button), the start menu and a desktop icon. 

    You will notice these pilot PCs appearing across the University from 22 March, 2017. They will be wearing a badge that looks like this:

    apps anywhere thumb

    So what's different?

    Once you have logged into the pilot PC in the usual way, the desktop interface will look similar to the current one except for the start button and the way you access software/applications.  To access University applications, simply click the book mark called Brookes Application Portal, from the top of the MOTD page, or use the icon in the start button or on the desktop. There are some new features like searching for and storing your favourite apps.

    All student PCs will be upgraded for September 2017.

    We would like your feedback - please tell about your experience of using these pilot PCs using this form or find it in the 'shortcuts' section of the software portal.

    The next phase of this upgrade will allow staff and students access to University applications from their own Windows 10 devices, on or off campus.