Annual reviews

  • Each year OCSLD undertakes a review and refresh of our portfolio. The review documents offer a good insight into the work of our unit. They give examples of the bespoke, timely and work-based interventions that we can offer clients within and beyond Oxford Brookes University. 

  • OCSLD supports the staff and student experience through the provision of high quality staff, organisational and educational development, and by undertaking research and consultancy. OCSLD offers a wide range of work-based interventions for individuals and teams within and beyond Oxford Brookes. Our approach is client-centred, work-based, evidence-based, efficient and technology-enabled. Much of our work is commissioned as needed, with development consultants negotiating timely, bespoke interventions to meet the needs of faculties and directorates or external clients.

    The report demonstrates how our portfolio is evolving in response to the changing needs of the University, and the extent to which it is being continually evaluated and improved. OCSLD is now fully engaged in HR’s annual strategic planning cycle, where our funding, structure and performance are discussed. While this report does not replace the strategic planning process, it does provide a further opportunity to discuss OCSLD’s priorities to ensure that we are meeting organisational needs

    This format of this year’s report is intended to highlight how our activities relate to our broader objectives, and how our portfolio is evolving in response to the changing needs of the University. Programmes reviewed this year were: management and leadership development, induction courses and the new lecturers programme.

    This report demonstrates the wide remit of the Centre and gives examples of how Faculties and Directorates have engaged with our developers and services. As our work becomes increasingly tailored to the changing needs of the University much of the staff development which offer is bespoke. We hope that this report provides University staff at all levels with ideas and examples of staff development that they might commission for their team, or undertake individually.

    This year we continued our business as usual whilst also supporting staff who had been affected by the restructure of faculties and the implementation of the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience. We also undertook a complete review and refresh of our portfolio of courses and interventions. This report summarises our activity during 2011/12 and presents the findings of the review of our portfolio.

    This was an even busier year than usual for OCSLD as we supported two major university initiatives: the University restructure project and the launch of the Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience. This report shows the extentof our contribution to these initiatives in addition to the wide range of activities which OCSLD undertakes. I hope that this report helps to you to see the range of work that OCSLD undertakes, and that, whether you are a manager, academic, orsupport staff, you can find something in here for you.