OCSLD developers link roles

  • OCSLD offers timely, work-based development interventions to clients within and beyond Oxford Brookes University. For colleagues at Oxford Brookes, you will find that much of the educational development on offer is arranged through the link roles. 

    Why does OCSLD have link roles?

    The primary purpose of the link roles is to prompt and support Faculties to make plans for their educational needs.

    Working through link roles also ensures that OCSLD’s portfolio meets local and organisational needs. Working proactively helps us to forward plan for the coming year, working within our capacity.  

    What can you expect from your link developer?

    If you are involved in planning and organising educational development for your Faculty, your link developers will be able to identify needs and explore the best ways of meeting them. Link Developers aspire to working proactively to consolidate these partnership arrangements, foster innovation and improve the staff and student experience.

    Practical ways that the link role operates include:

    • Discussing Learning and Development priorities
    • Devise staff development plans in response to Operational Plans and e.g. Faculty Annual Reviews
    • Working closely with Programme Development Teams
    • Talking through your Staff Survey or National Student Survey results
    • Identifying and briefing other consultants from within or beyond Brookes.
    • Delivering interventions for individuals or teams.

    OCSLD Developers allocate around half a day of week of their time to their link roles and may be working with one or two groups within the University in any one year

    Examples of Link Roles in Action

    OCSLD consultants work through their link roles to plan timely and efficient development opportunities for colleagues at Brookes. 

    Examples of staff development arranged through the link role:

    • Course Design Intensives and other bespoke workshops for programme teams
    • Inputs into the Faculty of Business staff development week covering dissertation supervision, academic advising, block teaching and seminars.
    • Evaluating teaching innovations

    How can you make best use of the OCSLD link roles?

    The link role works well when OCSLD consultants and colleagues in faculties work in partnership, and are respectful of each other priorities and time commitments. Examples include where:

    • Involve your link developer in discussions around the Faculty Learning and Development Plan. You can use this to plan ahead for the following academic year, particularly if you are looking to OCSLD to help plan and/or deliver staff development for your teams.
    • Consult your link developer at the planning stage of events, if you would like their involvement.
    • Contact your link role developer in good time before a team event you would like help with: preferably two months in advance
    • Identified learning and development needs fit with OCSLD’s priorities for the year.

    Please contact ocsld@brookes.ac.uk