Dr Louise Rickard

  • I work as a lecturer in Educational Development and teach on the Explore programme at Oxford Brookes Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development. 

    Originally a theoretical evolutionary ecologist by training, most of my work and teaching has been in STEM and specifically Environmental policy and Sustainability for Business. In my professional career outside academia I always worked at the edge of what was possible in technology and have taken a bridging role, shaping and leading projects by ensuring communication between the technical programmers and the academics/politicians/ scientists/ economists and lay public. I have worked especially on indicators and integrated assessment for decision making. 

    I bring that bridging role also to education settings - linking what is possible technically to what is needed pedagogically and practically- and where there are gaps attempting to find solutions for them.

    I am a polyglot - born abroad as a trilingual third country kid. I spent much of my working life working for the EU (mother tongue plus two) working languages - so I am passionate in every way about inclusion and am acutely aware of the specific struggles that international staff and students face, as well as the issues faced by women in STEM.

    I trained formally in teaching (PGCE and MEd (Cambs), FHEA (Brookes) and SFHEA (Imperial)) and have worked in different HE institutions in the UK and abroad (including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial); in mainstream schools, and in outdoor education centres.

    I specialize in dialogic and experiential teaching, digital technology, STEM, coaching and facilitation.

    I am excited to be working in HE, in Brookes and in OCAED today, and recognize this time as being pivotal in shaping HE going forward.


    • 2022 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medal for services to Lowland Rescue
    • 2021 Imperial College Special Award for substantial and exceptional achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • 2019 Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority
    • 2019 Queen’s Award for Lowland Rescue
    • 2017 Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority

    Some main publications:

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