Neil Currant

  • Interim Head of OCSLD

    Neil is involved in the development and dissemination of good practice and innovation in learning, teaching and assessment across the University. He is subject coordinator for the PGCert (PCTHE) programme and Associate Teachers course.

    Neil is a qualified teacher and trainer and previously worked at the University of Salford and University of Bradford as an educational developer and lecturer in Training and Development. Neil has previously been involved in research on electronic portfolios and their use to support learning, reflection and learner autonomy. He has also been involved in researching social learning through the use of web 2.0 tools and technologies. His interests include lifelong learning, personal development planning, reflective writing, assessment and feedback.

    Neil has recently completed research and a report on race inequality at the university. He is trying to understand why completion and attainment for Black and Minority Ethnic students is lower then their peers through storytelling and critical race theory. Neil is part of the self-assessment team for the pilot Equalities Challenge Unit race equality charter mark. He is also interested in technology enhanced learning, curriculum design, assessment and feedback.

  • Neil is interested in learning technology and educational inequality. Neil’s current research focus is the attainment of Black and Minority Ethnic students in Higher Education. Neil is studying for his doctorate researching academic staff development for diversity.

    His previous work includes research in learning afforded by electronic portfolios and Web 2.0 technology as part of the Enhancing Learner Progression project.

    Neil has completed external consultancy of curriculum design and learning and teaching.

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