Sue Morón-García

  • Sue Morón-García joined in October 2020. 

    Sue has over thirty years of work experience in teaching and the support of learning. Since she completed her PhD in Educational Technology (2005) she has worked as a researcher and an educational developer at a variety of UK universities. Before this she was a local government administrator and taught languages in adult and secondary education.

  • Before deciding to adjust her work-life balance Sue served as a head of department and head of centre at another post-1992 university. She has designed postgraduate programmes in higher education learning and teaching and fellowship recognition schemes, as well as working alongside disciplinary academics to review their own programmes. She has external examination experience at two different types of university: teaching focused and a specialist art institution and has been through several rounds of accreditation with professional bodies like the Higher Education Academy and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

    Sue has a long standing interest in the use of technology enhanced learning, the subject of her PhD is Educational Technology. She created and taught Masters level modules on e-learning. Other interests include the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and developing writing skills, her own and others’. She ran regular workshops on writing about teaching and learning at two previous institutions and was part of the first ISSoTL international writing group (see Simmons et al, 2013 and Kensinton-Miller et al 2019). Other workshops included supervising Masters students and the doctorate and Sue has supervised both Master and Phd students to completion. In 2019 she was invited to run an introductory workshop, in Spanish, on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at EuroSoTL in Bilbao.

    Research work, due to the nature of her roles, has tended to be in evaluation: she led the evaluation strands of research projects, on Teaching Repository Use in the West Midlands, Lecture Capture and Valuing Teaching at different universities. She was instrumental in setting up and running pedagogic research networks that supported capacity building during the HEFCE funded Centres for Excellence programme (2005-10) when working at the engineering-focused CETL and co-created a toolkit and workshop for STEM academics starting out in pedagogic research.

    Sue is currently working on two projects focused on the role of programme or course leaders in higher education. The first is looking at a possible development framework and the second (an edited book) will showcase some of the work and thinking that currently exists in the sector, both here and abroad (see Lawrence et al 2021).

    Sue is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association. She holds a Phd in Educational Technology.
    Sue loves walking, swimming and film, especially international film that allows her to experience new worlds and perspectives. She also loves folk music and is thoroughly enjoying the virtual concerts and festivals that the pandemic has brought about. She is an avid reader tackling the Women’s Prize longlist most years in order to find new authors and broaden her range of reading. She continues to develop her creative writing skills outside of her part-time role with OCSLD.

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    Invited workshops, grants and awards won:

    Invited workshop at EuroSoTL 2019: “What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?” / “Qué es SoTL?”

    HEDG Research Grant 2018: Towards a Professional Development Framework for leaders of degree programmes

    International Consortium for Educational Development / International Journal for Academic Development, Article of the Year 2015 Award for Kensington-Miller, B., Renc-Roe, J., & Morón-García, S. (2015)

    2014 Co-creation and facilitation of two workshops for the HEA engineering and materials lead on teaching for postgraduate students (January and May).

    Winner of a place on the first ISSoTL International Collaborative writing group 2010 (output - Simmons et al 2013, followed by Kensington-Miller et al, 2015)

    2013 Invited contribution at the PGCerts SEDA@20 day workshop: PGCerts  across the disciplines

    SEDA Research & Development Grant March 2008: The role of CETL networks in capacity building and dissemination throughout UK higher education (Morón-García, 2013 & 2010).

    Higher Education Academy Mini Project Award – Pedagogic Research toolkit for engineering academics – September 2007 (Morón-García & Willis, 2009)

    CETL network support grant from the Higher Education Academy for the work of the East Midlands CETLs Pedagogic Research and Evaluation Network – January 2007.