• Here are some testimonials from people who have received coaching:

      I am more confident in anticipating situations at work that normally irritate me. I now easily find ways to address these situations.

      Not being limited to my own thought avenues… being prompted to think of things I would not otherwise think of..

      I felt more relaxed and less anxious about my situation.

      I gained reassurance and confidence by being coached.

      Increased resilience.

      I feel more confident when having to present.

      After the first few sessions, I was more comfortable speaking up at meetings and testing out scenarios at work I had previously avoided.

      The coaching has been extremely useful - very high quality service.

      The coach was very calm which was helpful in creating an environment conducive to talking openly.

      A more confident approach now.

      My coach helped to break down situations into smaller chunks and helped me to identify small steps I could take in the short term.