What is coaching?

  • Coaching is a powerful mechanism for personal and professional development and helps facilitate personal and professional change which leads to improved performance. Many successful people regularly use coaching to help them deal with challenges in order to achieve better results.

    Coaching provides you with an opportunity to work confidentially on work-related issues with a skilled coach. It helps you to express your thoughts and feelings and deal with the complex world of work more creatively.

    A coaching session usually lasts one hour and is part of an agreed programme of four to six sessions. Ideally, the coaching is held in a quiet place, away from your office. The first session of your coaching should involve checking whether you and the coach think you can work well together and agreeing the specific arrangements of the coaching. Most people look forward to their coaching sessions and find it an enjoyable and constructive experience.

    Coaching can be provided by one of the internal coaches in the Brookes Coaching Pool or by the services of an external coach. Alison Cumpsty, Kay Tillyer and Luvena Wilson can help you to decide whether an internal coach or an external coach may be the best option for you.

    Find out more about the Brookes Coaching Pool (internal coaches).