Plenary – Mike Ratcliffe, Director Academic and Student Affairs

  • Plenary – Mike Ratcliffe, Director Academic and Student Affairs

    Are the students satisfied? Implementing change in the wake of the National Student Survey and the Brookes Student Satisfaction Survey

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    As a University committed to being student-centred, Brookes has a long experience of different mechanisms for feeding in students’ views. Following the demise of the national teaching quality assessment system, the Government asked the sector to run a national student survey and this is now in its third year. The messages from the survey are designed to inform student choice, but they also act to inform institutional behaviour. The large sample size means that the messages contained in the survey cannot be ignored. Learning from the survey is therefore a priority for Brookes, just as it is for the sector. Brookes has aligned its internal student satisfaction survey to catch the NSS questions but also give additional flavour of local issues.

    The session will explore the background to the national survey, and its development in its third year. The survey has extended from just programmes that are HEFCE funded to embrace ones that the TDA and NHS fund. As the TQI site changes, this summer’s NSS results will be tied to the UCAS web-site, making it a clear source of information for applicants.

    We will then explore what Brookes has been doing to take forward the messages from both the national and local surveys, with particular attention to the issues around assessment which have received the lowest scores in the NSS both for Brookes and for the whole sector. Some flavour of the national work through the HEA will also be brought in.