Internationalising the curriculum at Oxford Brookes: a student perspective

  • Internationalising the curriculum at Oxford Brookes: a student perspective


    Jane Spiro and Juliet Henderson, Westminster Institute of Education

    The topic of the paper

    Internationalising the curriculum at Oxford Brookes. The main aim of this research is to provide insights for staff developing and re-developing their courses for IoC.

    Why it is of concern

    Whilst internationalisation is increasingly a goal and component of good practice in higher education, we are still not clear what this means to students and how they experience it. As educators, we are also not clear how we can enhance our own practice so students feel culturally empowered. This research considers both aspects of the question: what do students understand by ‘internationalisation’ it: and what messages does this offer us as educators?

    What was done (methods)

    During the period March 2007- December 2007 staff across the university will be conducting semi-structured group interviews with opportunistic samples of international and home/EU undergraduate and postgraduate students to obtain insights into their views and experiences of Oxford Brookes in relation to IoC (Internationalisation of the Curriculum), part of Oxford Brookes new ‘Internationalisation Strategy’.

    What are the main outcomes

    This paper presents the initial findings of the first two group interviews, including examples of good practice as defined by both students and staff: some tentative analysis of undergraduate student thoughts about: their understanding of IoC; current examples of IoC in their curriculum; what aspects of IoC they would like to see in the future.