Feedback on assessment – student opinion

  • Feedback on assessment – student opinion

    Orla Rodgers and Aaron Porter

    Regardless of institution, background or course, students are significantly less satisfied about the feedback that they received than their overall learning experience. This follows similar levels of discontentment that has arisen in the NSS since it started in 2005, indicating that the issue is both pervasive and continuous.

    NUS and Oxford Brookes Students' Union have conducted research regarding how long it takes for students to receive feedback on their coursework and how useful it was to improve their grades.

    It will not be a huge surprise to many that poorly applied feedback mechanisms are, quite rightly, a huge concern as the fail to engage the student with either their current or future learning. In fact, when poorly managed it can actually serve to de-motivate and hinder learning. Good feedback on the other hand can actively support learning by the individual, therefore we should be moving to a situation where feedback is not just of learning, but also for learning and feeding forward.

    This presentation aims to make the views of students at this institution apparent and reinforce the idea that feedback can support learning by highlighting NUS's hard statistical evidence.