Accounting and mentoring: a combined provision

  • Accounting and mentoring: a combined provision

    Jane Towers-Clarke and Laurie Miller, Business School

    The BSc in Applied Accounting joined forces with the coaching and mentoring team and third parties, including a collaborative partner, to create a provision for on line mentoring for accounting students and their mentors. The title of the conference is building networks, partnerships and communities and this collaboration between  the Applied Accounting programme and coaching and mentoring team at Oxford Brookes University and the ACCA seeks to enable ACCA members and Oxford Brookes students to create an on-line and physical global accounting mentoring community. This project seeking to improve the student experience through providing access to students for accounting mentors. Other colleagues at Brookes will have the opportunity to consider how they could engage in a similar interdepartmental provision.

    The presentation will look at why we undertook this project, what we were seeking to achieve through this, how it will be implemented  including overcoming problems and how it will improve the student experience. It will also consider  the benefits to our collaborative partner, the ACCA.

    The provision will have global impact, raising awareness of Brookes, providing resources to both student mentors and mentees, with the added benefit of professional CPD credits to ACCA mentors.

    The workshop element will seek to encourage colleagues to thinking how they could work with other departments to create interdepartmental collaborative provisions.