• Research Workshop


    Student feedback is a vital means of improving course delivery and developing lecturers’
    professional skills, but there currently appears to be little support for lecturers at Oxford
    Brookes in dealing with student evaluations and using them to make improvements to their courses. This workshop will focus on lecturers’ responses to student feedback. It will start with a short presentation of the results of a research project on student feedback, including interviews and focus groups with lecturers, students, Brookes Teaching Fellows, student union representatives and student course representatives, intended to throw light on the different processes required for feedback to improve teaching and learning:

    1. Effective module evaluation strategies producing valid and reliable data which can be utilised by lecturers in improving their performance.
    2. Students who are motivated to give appropriate feedback on the way in which they have experienced teaching and learning.
    3. Lecturers able to interpret the feedback accurately.
    4. Lecturers who are motivated to respond to the feedback.
    5. Lecturers with sufficient skills to adjust their teaching strategies in response to the feedback.

    This will be followed by a discussion of how to improve practice in gathering and responding to student feedback.

    Keywords:  student feedback evaluation, learning with technologies