International Student 2012 - What's working well

  • International Student 2012 - What's working well

    Research Workshop


    Over the last few years, a number of initiatives have been introduced to improve the learning experience of international students at OBU, and hence for all students (Carroll & Ryan, 2005).

    These include:

    • OCSLD's Teaching International Students & Internationalising the Curriculum for all Students online courses
    • Ongoing research and events led by the Centre for International Curriculum Inquiry and Networking (CICIN)
    • Workshops run across the University to support the embedding of Global Citizenship within programmes
    • More discipline specific pre-sessional and in-sessional academic language support programmes run by Oxford Brookes International (OBI)  

    So, has the international experience improved significantly? What do some of our students think? Do these views correspond to staff perceptions? Where do we go from here?  This session aims to provide an appreciative enquiry of what is working well in terms of Global Citizenship (SESE, 2010) and 'integrating an international, intercultural or global dimension into the purpose, functions or delivery of post-secondary education' (Knight, 2005) at Brookes. 

    The session will be mainly student-led, with small groups of international students and staff collaboratively reflecting on their ‘stories’, seeking to  identify  and document examples of good practice, as viewed by both staff and students, which can be shared. It will also aim to identify areas in which we could further improve the whole international student experience, in the classroom and beyond, to take us forward.  A very brief presentation will introduce the session, followed by group discussions, leading to a short summary of reflections and recommendations by each group. Since 30 minutes may not allow sufficient time for deep reflection, it is requested that a blog or other e-space, which could also be student-led,  be made available to continue  and/or draw conclusions on ideas raised in the session.

    Keywords:  appreciative enquiry,  international students, Networks and communities for professional development