Integrating reading lists into your Moodle course

  • Integrating reading lists into your Moodle course



    As part of the Moodle project we are taking the opportunity to revolutionise how we handle reading/resource lists at Brookes. We have invested in a new package - Talis Aspire - which has the potential to place academics at the heart of the reading list process - managing their lists in an effective and dynamic way to ensure that students are guided through their research and reading.

    Talis Aspire is integrated fully with Moodle enabling a seamless and modern interface for creating and reusing resource lists. Building your reading list in Aspire will ensure that you have one “reading list of truth” that can then be re-used and re-purposed in module guides and fully integrated into the various components of your online course, week by week or topic by topic.  Items in your reading list will link through directly to the Library Catalogue providing real time availability information so that students can plan their reading strategy. The system also links to e-books, e-journals and other web based information resources.

    This presentation will introduce the package and demonstrate how the tool can be used as an essential part of course design and delivery.  Addressing student dissatisfaction around the availability of items on reading lists is vitally important to improving the student experience at Brookes - we will explore the role reading/resource lists play in online courses and consider ways in which course teams and subject librarians can work together to establish best practice in reading list creation, ensuring students have timely access to the right resources at the right time.

    Keywords:  Reading lists; VLE; course design, Meeting the challenge of a relevant and internationalised curriculum, Engaging students