• Conference Programme

    This year, the exhibition is laid out in the Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre, and most of the talks will take place in the Stuart Rookes Postgraduate Centre, thus symbolically spanning our Student 2012 population.

    9.00 - 9.30

    Coffee and registration in the Postgraduate Centre

    9.30 - 10.00

    Welcome - Rhona Sharpe, Head of OCSLD, Stuart Rookes Theatre and broadcast to Pg 201


    Students as...
    Stuart Rookes Theatre

    Students as...PG201

    WorkshopsPg 202


    Upstairs and downstairs in SWUC

    10.00 - 10.50

    Students as Producers

    Testing the limits of university teaching: openness, assessment & collaboration
    George Roberts & students

    Students as Enquirers

    Phenomenology and enquiry based-learning
    David Aldridge, Education


    Research workshop:

    Students as Evaluators
    International Student 2012: What’s working well?

    Louise Green & students, OBI

    Getting to know your Zebra - Prezi and beyond
    Tim Gibson, Creative Services

    Joining up Google
    Bespoke systems using Google Docs, Sites and Calendar

    Richard Francis, Media Workshop and OBIS staff

    Getting your Moodle site ready for September - a hands-on workshop in Moodle
    Abi Ball, Media Workshop

    Review of groupwork guidelines
    Debbie Witney, Business

    10.50 - 11.30

    Exhibition, discussion and refreshments in the SESE cafe, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre

    11.35 - 12.30

    Student 2012 - Effective Change Agents Dale Potter and Students from Exeter University, Stuart Rookes Theatre and broadcast to Pg 201

    12.30 - 13.30

    Lunch served in Pg203 with access to garden and SWUC. Poster tour in the SWUC

    13.30 - 14.30

    Students as Evaluators

    Student responses to formative feedback
    Mary Davis, OBI

    Responding to student feedback
    Linet Arthur
    , Education

    Students as Consumers

    Podcasts & flexible learning: the future of lectures?
    William Pedley, Tim Goodridge, Laura Novo de Azevedo, Leslaw Zieleznik, Planning & OBIS


    Possible reform in recording student achievement
    Chris Rust, Helena Webster, SMT

    Integrating reading lists (Talis Aspire)Jan Haines, LR staff

    Getting more from Moodle and RADAR

    Self-running video tutorials from the Media Workshop

    Steve Burholt, Media Workshop

    14.30 - 15.00

    Exhibition, discussion and refreshments in the SESE cafe, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre

    15.00 - 15.45

    Students as Co-constructors

    Do staff and student voices echo the literature on assignment brief design? Fiona Gilbert & Garry Maguire, OBI

    Students as Professionals
    Simulation and experiential learning in law
    Marc Howe & law students


    What’s in it for us? Rewarding & recognising staff
    Frances Deepwell

    Moodle & Mahara pilot report back

    Lecture capture
    Les Zieleznik, OBIS

    Getting more from Moodle and RADAR

    Self-running video tutorials

    15.45 - 16.00

    Closing discussions and exhibition, SESE cafe, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre

    Throughout the day, you can view the exhibition in SWUC which displays the 12 PESE projects. At times when the SESE cafe is open, you are invited to come and find out more about the 12 PESE projects and share refreshments with members of the various project teams. The projects are wide-ranging and all seek to improve the Brookes' learning experience.

    They are:

    1. PETAL 7. Student Engagement with the Institution
    2. The new VLE 8. Student led initiatives
    3. University wide modular feedback system 9. Accreditation of work related learning
    4. APTT 10. Enhancing the Brookes Experience in Associate College Partnerships
    5. Graduate Attributes 11. Student Life
    6. Grading & Assessment 12. Knowing me, knowing you.

    In addition, there will be demonstrations from Blackwells of their new epack, the InStePP project and a reading corner with the latest learning and teaching publications from Brookes' staff.