• September 4th - 6th, 2002, The Sheraton Hotel, Brussels, Belgium.

    The 10th Improving Student Learning Symposium 
    Improving Student Learning:Theory and Practice - 10 years on
    The Sheraton Hotel, Brussels, Belgium
    4th - 6th September 2002


    Graham Gibbs Ten years of improving student learning
    Keith Trigwell and John Richardson Qualitative and quantitative: Complementary approaches to research on student learning
    Marcia B. Baxter-Magolda Learners' Narratives: Real-life Stories about Constructivist-Developmental Pedagogy


    Research papers :

    Helen Baron Fragmentation or cohesion? Students' perceptions of their learning across modular undergraduate programmes
    Simon C Barrie Understanding generic graduate attributes
    Linda Carswell and John T E Richardson Meeting the challenge of diversity: A cautionary tale about learning styles
    Andrew Comrie Engaging the Self: using metaphor analysis to promote cognitive change in a postgraduate certificate course in learning and teaching for academic staff
    Linda Drew and Christina Williams Variation in the experience of teaching creative practices: the community of practice dimension
    Barbara de la Harpe and Alex Radloff From practice to theory in developing generic skills
    Dai Hounsell and Velda McCune Students' experiences of learning to present
    Ursula Lucas and Jan H F Meyer A model of student learning in accounting
    Sarah J Mann Inquiring into a Higher Education Classroom: Insights into the Different Perspectives of Teacher and Students
    Jenny Morris and J H F Meyer Variation in the conceptions of learning of physiotherapy students in England and Wales: a longitudinal multicentre study
    Margaret Price, Chris Rust, and Berry O'Donovan Minor interventions can have major effects on student learning: results from a three-year study
    John T E Richardson and Linda Carswell Approaches to studying and perceptions of academic quality in electronically delivered distance-learning courses
    Keith Trigwell and Paul Ashwin Evoked conceptions of learning and learning environments
    Paul Trowler and Alison Cooper Teaching and Learning Regimes: implicit theories and recurrent practices in educational development
    Gina Wisker Supervisory practices and development programmes to support postgraduate student learningy

    Research seminars :

    Pernille Hammar Andersson, Thomas Olsson, Monica Almqvist, Lena Zetterqvist, Anders Axelsson, Gustaf Olsson and Torgny Roxå The Pedagogical Academy - a Way to Encourage and Reward Scholarly Teaching
    Paul Ashwin Variation in students' experiences of small group tutorials
    Jennifer R Blumhof and Andrew Honeybone Developing an integrated electronic system of Personal Development Planning
    John Bradbeer, Glynis Cousin, Mick Healey and Alan Jenkins Implementing and managing change and innovation
    Liz Broumley Learning to Learn from Online Dialogue: Lessons for Future Development
    Sue Gordon Supporting Learners of Statistics: The Difference Between Personal Sense and Cultural Meaning
    Anna Reid and Allan Davies Teachers' and Students Conceptions of the Professional World
    Barry Jackson Ten Years of Improving Student Learning Symposia: where has it got us?
    Ellen Jansen and Marjon Bruinsma Student ratings of courses and of instruction: are they useful in models of achievement?
    Elisabet Weedon and John Cowan The Kolb cycle 10 years on: ripe for revision to include social constructivism?
    Lucy Zinkiewicz, Nick Hammond, Annie Trapp Integrating Psychology Disciplinary Knowledge with Teaching Practice in Psychology


    Conceptual papers :

    Jennifer Case and Delia Marshall The procedural approach to learning: a bridge to a deep approach, or an adaptation to learning engineering that precludes understanding?
    Nikky Häberle Encouraging Lifelong Learning using Information Literacy: The Development of a Theoretical Evaluative Framework
    Colleen McKenna From skills to subjects: the reconceptualisation of writing development in higher education
    Simon Barrie and Michael Prosser Aligning Research on Student Learning with Institutional Policies and Practices on Evaluation and Quality Assurance
    Michael Prosser, Paul Ramsden, Elaine Martin and Keith Trigwell Relating Teaching and Research through Scholarly Understanding of the Subject Matter



    Jude Carroll, Hazel Peperell, Madeleine Freewood, B.Cogdell, RGS, Matthew and Craig Gray Student cheating and plagiarism
    Cordelia Bryan, Debbie Green, Steve Dixon, Jackie Smart and Tom Maguire Assessing Group Practice
    Diane Burns, Sadie Parr, Stephen Wan and Sue Clegg, Madeleine Freewood and Len Spriggs Challenges of diversity - exploring experiences and cultural change
    Velda McCune, Nicola Reimann, Erik Meyer and Ray Land Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses (ETL)