• Optional introductory workshops

    Monday 7 September 2009, 11.00 - 13.00.

    NVIVO for qualitative data analysis

    Led by Patsy Clarke (Oxford Brookes University)

    Room 119

    This introductory session will focus on NVIVO software as a management and analysis tool for use with text and multimedia data e.g. images, audio and video, in qualitative research projects. As well as providing an overview of the functionality of the software, the session will provide ideas and suggestions for using the software to 'lighten the load'.

    Technology and learning and teaching

    Led by Linda Price (The Open University)

    Room 120

    The aim of the workshop is to highlight some of the underlying educational principles in using technology in learning and teaching in order to support students in higher education in both campus-based and non-campus based contexts. It is not to teach the use of particular technologies per se but to present some guiding principles of how technology might be used in practice. The workshop will provide the opportunity to explore how technology can be used to scaffold some educational aspirations such as developing independent learning and group working skills and to explore the role of assessment in developing these skills. Those attending the workshop will be given the opportunity to discuss some examples and have an opportunity to consider how technology might be used in their own teaching practice.

    Some current perspectives on threshold concepts

    Led by Michael Flanagan (UCL) and Erik Meyer (Durham University)

    Room 122

    This pre-conference workshop will explore some current issues in the expanding framework of threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge. The workshop will begin with a brief overview of the threshold concepts framework, and then move on to consider two particular issues which illustrate the opportunities presented by the framework.

    As background reading participants are encouraged to consult the current edited text on threshold concepts: Threshold Concepts within the Disciplines edited by Ray Land, Jan Meyer and Jan Smith (SENSE publishers)

    Participants are also invited to do a Google search on 'threshold concepts and troublesome knowledge'. Please come armed with ideas and questions and time permitting they will be discussed.