Online learning

    • Thinking about developing an online course?
    • Planning to incorporate new technology into your teaching?
    • Want to develop your skills on online tutoring?
    • Thinking strategically about growing distance learning in your institution?

    OCSLD has been designing and developing online courses for more than 10 years. Our approach to understanding and developing the use of technology in higher education is learner centred and research informed.

    See our research and development projects and publications in this area.

    • Designing online activities
    • Blending e-learning into the curriculum

    We can tailor these workshops to run 'in-house' for a particular group, team or institution in the UK and overseas. This is especially beneficial where there is sufficient need for training or where you are promoting institutional change. For example:

    • Designing online activities for Cardiff University, led by Patsy Clarke or Mark Childs
    • Enhancing distance learning and teaching for Southampton University, led by Rhona Sharpe
    • Tutoring for distance learning for London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

    We have a great deal of experience writing online course materials. Examples include:

    • Rhona Sharpe is international version editor for Epigeum’s Teaching Online course
    • Rhona Sharpe is author of ‘Teaching with Learning Technologies’, course 6 of Epigeum’s Learning Technologies online course.
    • George Roberts and Neil Currant wrote the ‘first Steps in learning and teaching open online course
    • Frances Deepwell wrote the Academic Advising introductory online short course

    Our consultants are available to speak at your events:

    • Sharpe, R. & Benfield, G. (2012) Supporting learners’ use of technology in digital contexts, Improving Student Learning Conference, Lund University, Sweden, September 2012
    • Sharpe, R. & Beetham, H. (2009) Responding to learners. Keynote at JISC Online Conference. November 2009
    • Sharpe, R. (2009) The impact of learner experience research. Keynote at SOLSTICE conference, Edge Hill University, June 2009
    • Sharpe, R. (2008) Learning from the learners’ experiences. Keynote at the e-learning@Greenwich conference, University of Greenwich, 8 July 2008
    • Roberts, George. 2012. “Digital Literacies: Opening the Frontier.” In Dundee University E-Learning Symposium. Dundee: Dundee University.
    • Roberts, George. 2013. “OOCs for the Rest of Us.” In University of Hertfordshire: ELESIG
    • Roberts, George. 2013. “Let’s Talk about MOOCS - Business Models, Research and Pedagogy: The Year after the Year of the MOOC.” Hertfordshire Business School Research Seminar. Hatfield, UK: University of Hertfordshire

    Course Design Intensives are a team-based approach to designing and redesigning courses pioneered by Oxford Brookes University. The process involves expanding design teams to include learning technologists, subject librarians, course administrators and other professionals as appropriate, and focuses on high level curriculum objectives , programme level design and peer review of designs.


    • Brighton University

    • University of Leicester
    • Teaching online open course (TOOC): an intensive introduction to supporting student learning in online environments. Teaching online open course (TOOC) is an open online course. You can take it for free, or for a fee you can register for assessment and formal credit.
    • Extending your learning environment: A chance to experiment with a wide range of educational technologies and tools. This course runs as closed, intensively tutored 4 week online course.

    For all online courses, you can book as an individual, a group of individuals or arrange a run of the course for tailored for staff at your institution.

    We welcome international visitors to Oxford and can arrange events from 1 to 3 days for groups, which include a range of guest speakers, workshops and social time in Oxford.