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    The offer has been broken down in to the following sections:

    • Essential management online workshops - for all managers
    • Leadership and management online workshops - for those with management experience
    • Skills Boosters on-line resources - short e-learning resources for all managers
    • Workshops run in-house for teams and departments - a range of team-centred solutions to address specific change needs which can be requested by managers

    To navigate the webpages click on the boxes which will take you to detailed workshop descriptions and on-line resources. In some cases, you will need to log on to Moodle.

    • Unconscious Bias
      Unconscious bias takes an in-depth look at the nature of bias and how it impacts on the workplace. The course provides psychological insights into how our own behaviour might be affected by prejudice and looks at what we can do to reduce or eliminate its influence in the decisions that we make.
    • Challenging Behaviour
      Combining original drama with personal testimony and expert analysis, this course covers a wide range of bullying and harassment issues, giving employees the tools for recognising and tackling inappropriate behaviour and the skills for working successfully as part of a diverse team.
    • Tackling race bias at work
      While there has been a significant decline in overt racist behaviours over the past 40 or 50 years, subtle manifestations of racial bias continue to have a negative impact on people from a black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) background.
    • Disabled adventures in customer service
      In this course, we take a wry look at customer service from the perspective of disabled customers and service users through the experiences of a group of disabled professional comedians from the comedy collective Abnormally Funny People.
    • Disabled adventures in work and recruitment
      Employers often tend to see the disability before the person and make assumptions about their needs and capabilities – and this can mean that the skills and potential of disabled job applicants and staff are not being properly recognised.
    • Sexual orientation
      The limited information available suggests that around 1 in 20 people in the UK are lesbian, gay or bisexual – but the real figure may be significantly higher.
    • Supporting trans and non-binary people at work: A guide for managers
      Knowing how to support your trans and non-binary staff and create a respectful and safe environment for them is key to promoting their own personal well-being and ensuring that your organisation manages to harness and nurture the very best talent.
    • Trans and non-binary awareness
      It’s estimated that around 4% of the population in Europe and the US could be transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming.
    • Creating an environment based on respect
      Bullying, harassment and other types of inappropriate behaviour can have a profound impact both at work and beyond. In our increasingly diverse workplaces, everyone has a role to play in creating an environment that’s based on respect and enables everyone to give their best.
    • The effective bystander
      As bystanders in our everyday and working lives, we all have a responsibility to take action when we witness bullying, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.
    • Bullying and harassment - effective interventions
      Tackling inappropriate behaviour at work isn’t just about having the right policies in place. It’s about everyone taking effective action to challenge bullying, harassment and other unacceptable conduct and create a diverse and respectful working environment.
    • Maternity and paternity
      There are few more important moments in a person’s life than becoming a parent – and as an employer, you have an important role in supporting them on their journey.
    • Menopause at work
      This course looks at the common symptoms and long-term effects of the menopause and aims to raise awareness for women, their managers and colleagues (of all genders) generally.
    • Banter in the workplace
      This course looks at the nature of banter in the workplace and when it can be inappropriate or unlawful in terms of bullying, harassment and discrimination.
    • Sexual consent education
      The online resources are designed for Oxford Brookes students and are being made available to staff so that they can better support any students who may disclose harassment and sexual misconduct. They will be particularly useful for Academic Advisers and those who work to support students' wellbeing.
    • Understanding Equality Impact Assessments
      This course provides a useful introduction and overview of the purpose, principles and value of an effective Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) process.  Oxford Brookes framework and EIA templates should be used for undertaking our own EIA process.