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  • For 2019-20, we are launching a new leadership and management offer.

    Please start the tour on the Leadership and Management main page.

    The offer has been broken down in to the following sections:

    • Essential management workshops - for all managers
    • New managers - new to management programmes
    • Leadership and management workshops - for those with management experience
      Project management workshops - a range of project management courses ranging from an introductory course to an in-depth assessed programme. (dates to follow)
    • Skills Boosters on-line resources - short e-learning resources for all managers
    • Workshops run in-house for teams and departments - a range of team-centred solutions to address specific change needs which can be requested by managers

    To navigate the webpages click on the boxes which will take you to detailed workshop descriptions and on-line resources. In some cases, you will need to log on to Moodle.