Career development courses

  • OCSLD offer a selection of workshops to support personal effectiveness at work. These range from skills to help you regardless of your role, to specific skills for certain parts of your job.

  • An introduction to coaching.  Coaching is increasingly being used in the workplace to help people to achieve their objectives, improve their performance and develop their careers. Coaching skills are also being used by line managers to empower their staff and support them in a more collaborative way. 
    This Introduction to HE is a programme aimed primarily at those members of staff, both academic and support, who are new to the HE sector and want to find out more.

    The Aurora Programme is designed to encourage more women to move into leadership positions in Higher Education.  It consists of four workshops and an action-learning set spread over a five-month period.  

    This is a 3 day Introduction to Counselling Skills programme run at Oxford Brookes by an external practitioner from RELATE.
    Effective workplace presentations is designed for people who have not received any presentation skilled training before but who will be expected to design and deliver a presentation or briefing in the future within the workplace.  For example, a formal presentation or more of an informal briefing within a team meeting.  It is designed to look at how to structure clear communication, deliver with impact and build confidence in public speaking.
    English language support for colleagues who are keen to improve their spoken and written english at beginner and intermediate levels and are focused on learning english for the workplace. 

    The European Computer Driving Licence® (ECDL) is the internationally recognized qualification which enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills.  ECDL consists of seven modules and seven tests, which lead to the qualification.

    The Occupational Health department runs First Aid courses.  There are also specialist courses on safety.
    Fresh Steps Development programme is an innovative new work and personal development programme for people in the second half of their working lives who want to review progress and set new goals.
    This bitesize Handling difficult conversations workshop has been designed for all staff to help them to deal with difficult conversations that might arise at work when interacting with students or other staff members. 

    Identifying transferable skills and applying for a new job at Brookes

    Many staff at Brookes develop skills which are transferable to other kinds of jobs in the University.  Brookes is keen to encourage skilled staff who want to move on from their current job to consider how their skills could be used in a different role within the University which would provide them with renewed motivation and challenge. 

    The Introduction to project management workshop will provide basic guidance for those new to the project management and will also refresh the thinking of those already undertaking a project management role.
    Minute Taking - a training session for all staff throughout the academic year. This workshop lasts 90 minutes and is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from across the University.
    Springboard is for all non-management and junior management women who have some work experience.  It is suitable for women at any age or stage in their lives and from any background.  You set your own agenda for the programme.
    Stress management and resilience is for line managers and resilience can be of interest to non-managers.
    This is an online time management course, so you can work through it at your own pace and when it suits you. 
    Train the trainer programme has been designed for people who are required to deliver training sessions for their department. It starts from the premise that delegates are new to this subject area.
    Workbased qualifications are supported by OCSLD for staff to achieve practitioner and vocational qualifications in a number of occupational themes.

    This 1.5 hour bitesize Writing Well workshop is open to all staff.

    In particular: 

    • Anyone who is contributing to external communications - whether these be print or digital.
    • Anyone who is looking to improve their business writing skills more generally.