An introduction to coaching

  • Who is it for:

    Coaching is increasingly being used in the workplace to help people to achieve their objectives, improve their performance and develop their careers. Coaching skills are also being used by line managers to empower their staff and support them in a more collaborative way. This bitesize workshop has been designed for all staff to give them an introduction to coaching and understand some of its useful techniques.  

    The format of the course:

    This is an interactive workshop lasts for 90 minutes. The learning methods include discussion, case studies, paired work and small group work. There will also be a ‘taster’ coaching session in which participants are invited to coach each other on a real topic (which is not too sensitive or complex). In advance of attending the workshop, please identify an appropriate topic to work on.

    Learning objectives:

    By the end of the workshop, delegates will have gained an insight into coaching and have learned useful techniques to start to develop their coaching skills. 

    The content includes:

    • Exploring what coaching is and how it differs from advice and counselling.
    • Considering what constitutes a coaching style.
    • Examining a popular model for coaching called the GROW model and how it can be applied.
    • Experiencing coaching in a ‘taster’ session with a fellow participant.
    • Identifying what other resources might be useful.

    Meet the trainer:

    John Kirwan is an experienced HR and careers consultant. He is qualified as an executive and career coach, a workplace mediator, and a trainer of mediators.