An introduction to higher education

  • Who is it for?

    This is a new course aimed primarily at those members of staff, both academic and support, who are new to the HE sector and want to find out more. It is also targeted at existing staff members who want to expand their knowledge about the sector they work in.

    The aim of the programme

    The aim of this 3 hour programme is to provide people with an understanding of the wider context in which they operate and hopefully, make their work more interesting. By the end of the session, staff will be able to identify priorities for Brookes and will be able make better informed decisions in their role.  

    Programme Objectives:

    • Describe the political, financial and economic context in which Universities operate
    • Define the organisational status of Universities
    • Identify the funding arrangements for Universities
    • Find out what 'governance' means in Universities and how it is managed at Oxford Brookes
    • Clarify the relationship between central Government and universities
    • Define the key changes facing universities and how Oxford Brookes is responding.

    The course will be run in an interactive, participative way. There will be plenty of opportunity for group discussion.  If you enjoy this course you might like to try one of the modules on the MA Education (Higher Education).

    Cancellation fee:

    If you are unable to attend a course we require 5 working days' notice of non-attendance, otherwise a cancellation charge of £50 will be made for each day of a course (or part thereof).