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  • Above image - members of the Fresh Steps course 2015 with trainer, Liz Bailey.  

    Fresh Steps is an innovative new work and personal development programme for people in the second half of their working lives who want to review progress and set new goals.

    Would you like to:

    • Successfully deal with change.
    • Identify what you want from work
    • Reassess your values and goals and turn them into reality.
    • Clear whatever holds you back.
    • Get involved in mentoring and coaching.
    • Review and re-launch yourself.
    • Present yourself positively. 


    • 28 & 29 March 2018
    • 24 May 2018


    Wheatley Training Room 

    Fresh Steps Trainer, Liz Bailey, explains the development and purpose of the programme in the video below. 

  • Fresh Steps is a personal development programme for all staff. It is particularly relevant for more established, experienced staff who may not have had a suitable recent opportunity for personal development and may wish to review where they are in their work and reconsider their future personal and work goals.

    The Fresh Steps programme consists of:

    • Three days personal development, a two-day workshop followed, about a month later, by a one day workshop.  It is important that you attend all three.
    • An information gathering project between workshops specifically tailored to individual needs.
    • A comprehensive folder of course materials.
    • A specially recorded CD.
    • Peer group support and networking.
    Liz Bailey is an experienced freelance people and business developer, who not only runs her own diversity consultancy, but is also a licensed trainer for the Springboard Consultancy to run their Fresh Steps Programme. Liz was originally involved in the research and development of this programme. Liz Bailey
    Yes it is currently being run in a number of Universities for both academic and support staff of both genders. The original research was undertaken in Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham Universities. 

    The programme has now been running successfully in many organisations for a number of years. The results show increased ability to review where people are in their lives and help them make changes for a more positive future.   

    In feedback:

    100%   gained support to make changes
    92.5%  now have specific goals they want to achieve
    92.5%  gained information to make informed choices about their future
    90%  now know how to present themselves positively
    84.6%  have renewed motivation and interest in their work
    82.5%  now feel much clearer about their future

    Participants on the Springboard course at Brookes have found this kind of personal development work extremely valuable.   Fresh Steps comes from the Springboard Consultancy.


    • "I could not have known how being on the course would offer such wonderful insights into how to reposition some of my thinking for the short and long term.  This was a truly holistic course, that enabled me to re-think my needs both as an academic at the University and beyond, into my personal life.   Liz was an excellent facilitator who carefully balanced our individual situations within the group as a whole, so that ideas and experiences were shared in a meaningful and supportive manner. I would recommend it wholeheartedly for anyone wanting to take time to reflect on their current life and question their future needs. "  Tiffany Black, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment

    • "I really enjoyed the Fresh Steps course and it has enabled me to approach challenges and opportunities with renewed enthusiasm. I learnt a huge amount from sharing experiences with colleagues on the course, who were all friendly and supportive, and I am looking forward to meeting up with them on a regular basis to discuss the goals and actions that we set".  Diana Jarman, Marketing Officer, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    Comments from participants in the Springboard Women's Development Programme indicate the kind of benefits which can be gained from this kind of personal development course:

    • "The Springboard course gave me the confidence to tackle an issue I had with my line manager that I had put off for a long time. The issue was resolved in a positive way."  Sobia Afridi, Brookes Bridges Manager, UK Recruitment and Partnerships
    • "I did make huge changes in my life, most importantly; I created a CV and applied for a new job (I’ve been in the same job for years).  I was even shortlisted and attended an interview!  My interview skills definitely need improving but I was able to rationally accept where my strengths and weaknesses lie.  This was all due to the training I received on the programme." Colleen Berrington, Skills Support Technician, Health and Life Sciences

    • "I had always wanted to experience University, but had let me doubts and insecurities hold me back. Through motivating speakers, positive activities, and the support of the group, I finally realised that 'I can!."  Ellie Lambe, Student Records Administrator, Student Central
    • "Springboard was a totally positive experience for me.  The structure of the course over several months meant that thoughts and decisions could develop and gather enough weight over time to actually take shape.  It helped me to clarify and make decisions which had been pending for a long time up til then, and to begin to believe in other thoughts and ideas and to give them space in my life.  My life is a different, better shape than it was a year ago, and Springboard was significant in that process. I also made some good new friends around Brookes, and we have continued to meet, help and support each other for over a year now, which has been both helpful and an ongoing pleasure."  Rachel Mighall, Information Strategy and Analysis Manager, Corporate Affairs