Handling difficult conversations

  • Who is it for?

    This bitesize workshop has been designed for all staff to help them to deal with difficult conversations that might arise at work when interacting with students or other staff members.  Sometimes they may arise out-of-the-blue and on other occasions, there may be time to prepare for the difficult conversation.

    The format of the course:

    This is an interactive workshop which uses discussion, case studies, paired work and small group work. It lasts for 90 minutes.

    Learning objectives:

    By the end of the workshop, delegates will have learned useful techniques to help to handle difficult conversations. 

    The content includes:

    • Exploring what constitutes a difficult conversation and why they are so difficult.
    • Considering how to handle planned and unplanned difficult conversations.
    • Examining appropriate questioning and interaction styles.
    • Identifying good practice when it comes to difficult conversations.
    • Establish what other resources might be useful.

    Meet the trainer:

    John Kirwan is a careers consultant at Oxford Brookes. He has experience working in HR and careers and is a qualified workplace mediator and a trainer of mediators.