Introduction to project management

  • Who is it for?

    This one day workshop is designed for all those people who have responsibility for managing projects, whether large or small. It provides basic guidance for those new to the task and will also refresh the thinking of those already undertaking a project management role.

    This course includes:

    • What is a project? - Defining what is meant by project, the project life cycle, determining why projects fail
    • Defining a project - the role of the project manager, defining a project, setting and agreeing objectives, importance of teamwork, questioning, project governance, risk management tools and techniques.
    • Planning a project - exploring tools and techniques, key project documentation and data display methods, time and cost estimates, plan for identified risks, quality expectations, need for change management process and version control
    • Implementing a project - how to monitor, track and control activities, impact of changes, corrective actions, communicating the status of a project
    • Closing and reviewing a project - need for a controlled close, measuring against the plan, closing down and moving on

    What will I achieve?

    • Recognise when it is appropriate to adopt a 'project' approach
    • Apply a simple life cycle to a project to break it into easy to manage stages
    • Clearly define your projects to provide real clarity in terms of project scope, roles and responsibilities and other key factors
    • Confidently plan, organise and document a project
    • Identify and manage risks
    • Become more effective in monitoring and controlling the project work, change requests and resourcing pressures
    • Understand what lessons can be learnt from managing work using a project approach
    • Tailor your approach to projects of varying size and complexity

    Assessment (optional)

    This course can be:

    • Joined with the Effective Workplace Presentations and be assessed for the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.
    • Taken as a stand alone development workshop and skills building day.

    How much will it cost?

    This workshop will cost £85 approx to be paid by your department.  £170 approx for externals.  The total cost per person is dependant on numbers. 

    ILM Level 3 Award assessment cost: £600 + two workshops at £85 each.


    • ILM registration
    • Institute of Leadership and Management one-year membership
    • Online induction
    • Two hours of Skype coaching with a qualified personal coach
    • Formal assessment of your project and presentation 
    • Quality assurance
    • Certification