Minute Taking

  • Minutes are an important part of the governance of Brookes and consequently, minute taking is a key skill for administrative staff. The types of minutes that are taken vary according to the committee or meeting. More formal minutes are taken at senior meetings and academic committees whereas less formal minutes are generally taken at team meetings and non-academic meetings.

    To help you to develop your skills and become an expert minute taker, you can:

    • Read the Committee Servicing Guidelines which describe how the formal minutes required for academic committees should be taken.
    • Review the past minutes taken for a particular meeting to see how they have been done and discuss with the chairperson of the meeting what they think is important for the minutes of the meeting.
    • Check out the formal minutes taken at the Governors’ meetings to see how they are done.
    • Volunteer to take the minutes for a new meeting that you have not taken them for before to broaden your minute taking experience.
    • Buddy up with an experienced minute taker as they take the minutes at a meeting. Afterwards, you can write up your minutes and compare them with the minutes produced by the experienced minute taker. You can ask them for tips and hints to improve, discuss what worked for you and review any differences in content and style with them.