Navigator Men's Development programme

  • The Navigator development programme enables men to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take at work and at home, and then develop the skills and focus to do something about them.

    Developed in response to the success of its sister ‘Springboard’ programme for women, Navigator has been successfully used by over 7,000 men from all sectors in the world of work. It is delivered, to great acclaim, through a specially trained network of licensed trainers.

    So ‘Navigator’ is your chance to:

    • Review your progress to date
    • Re-energise your career
    • Develop hidden talents
    • Set practical goals and realistic action plans
    • Deal better with stress and change
    • Put yourself across better
    • Start to make the contacts and support to make things happen
    • Balance work with home life

    Who is it for?

    Navigator personal development programmes for men have been running successfully for two years. These programmes are suitable for both academic and professional (support) staff of any grade.

  • Navigator achieves what it does by combining a range of 5 main ingredients.

    These are:

    • 4 workshops: each will give you space and material to acknowledge your strengths and work out your direction
    • Your own workbook for your personal use: it also contains many of the exercises covered on the programme
    • Speakers: each will talk about their journey, the ups and the downs, and what helped keep them going
    • Coaching partnerships: together guys support and encourage each other with short meetings between workshops
    • Networking: people from different parts of the university share contacts, information and useful knowledge.
    The trainer will be Hugh Dennis, who has 20 years training experience and runs frequent, very successful Navigator programmes across the country. He has run 8 Navigator programmes in 5 different universities.
    • "I found this a very personal journey, taking time to think about "me" was a very new experience which the facilitator (Hugh Dennis) and the group I was with helped me to do.  I can look back and see the direct positive impact the course had for me on my personal and working life.  I found this is a unique opportunity to think and talk about what I would like to achieve which I would normally never do.This really is an excellent opportunity that shouldn't be missed." Miles Honour, Executive Officer to the Vice-Chancellor and Manager of the SMT Executive Office

    • “A rare opportunity to think and talk about long term plans and ambitions.” Daniel Croft, Academic Liaison Team Leader, Learning Resources
    • "A really good course to take some time out, and be able to think of yourself as an individual and, within the context of being a 'modern man'. Hugh, the trainer is great at his job, and was very supportive, and as a younger member of staff, early on in a career, was able to give some direction to some of the questions I had about what to do with my future."  Darren Twort, Administrator, Examinations
    • "The Navigator programme is a unique experience. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to take a step into exploring and challenging their own personal development at work as well as outside of work. The journey becomes more rewarding as you open your mind to new ideas and collaborations with fellow navigators. I have begun to better understand myself through the expertly guided sessions with guest speakers, opportunities to listen and share, and great resources. I worked hard allowing myself to be immersed in the experience and have already begun the feel the benefits in many aspects of my life. I am grateful for having been offered this opportunity"  Warren Rodel, Student Disputes Officer, Academic and Student Affairs

    • "I found the Navigator programme was an interesting experience. Being in an all male group was rather strange to start with, but we soon built up a supportive understanding. It was useful to meet people from departments I don't directly deal with and feel that these new contacts will last It taught me that in a group of strangers there will be people who share my opinions and have similar experiences to myself. The course gave me the confidence to contribute to meetings where previously I would have kept my opinions to myself.  Adrian Pawley, Video Technical Specialist, School of Arts

    • "The Navigator programme gave me the time and space to step back from the coalface and to reassess progress in my career and life, to formulate some plans and to test them over the course of the programme helped by with support, feedback and the occasional challenge from the other participants – I finished the course refreshed, re-focused and with a new network of friends! Sean Terry, Executive Office Manager, Financial Services

    • "The Navigator course gave me space to think about my work life balance. I found the speakers interesting and have been able to practice some of their tips. The best aspect of the course for me was to be able to meet and speak to colleagues I would not normally have had the chance to. It was a valuable networking opportunity!" Nick Davis, Senior Administrative Officer, Research and Business Development Office

    • "Navigator took us through a pathway of how to open up your feelings and share experiences with others and to draw on the life experiences and skills of others. As the course developed the group support helped us to identify what we would like to achieve in our lives and gave us the framework to do so.  The end result was a group of men that were happy to collaborate with each other, discuss many things and have a sense of belonging and care for each other."  Keith Manning, Contract and Commissions Officer, Oxford Brookes International