Presentation skills (the basic essentials)

  • Who is it for? 

    This half day workshop is for staff who are inexperienced at delivering presentations. 

    Workshop aim 

    This short workshop aims to introduce individuals to the basic tenets of delivering an effective  presentation. 

    Learning Objectives 

    Delegates will work through a four-step process (preparation, design, delivery and follow on)

    that will ensure their presentations have a clear purpose and meet the desired outcomes.

    By the end of this workshop, delegates should be able to:

    • conduct a thorough initial preparation and analysis process

    • employ robust design methods to ensure presentations have maximum impact

    • create visuals that support and enhance presentation messages

    • control pre-presentation nerves

    • deliver presentations in a clear and confident manner

    • outline their follow on strategy to realise the original purpose their presentation  

    Workshop preparation 

    Prior to the course delegates will be asked to research and prepare a two minute Dragons Den (BBC 2) style (non powerpoint) presentation. Delegates will then self critique their presentations during the workshop before having a test delivery (to their fellow delegates) at the end of the workshop.