Project management fundamentals

  • This course is delivered by the Strategic Change and Projects Governance Team 

    Who is it for? 

    This course is for staff who are currently managing projects at Oxford Brookes, or staff who will be managing a project (see note 1) * within the next 6 months.  

    We will also consider staff who are performing a significant supporting role to a project, where it can be demonstrated that this training will contribute to the success of the project. 

    How do I apply? 

    We will require the following supporting information (1 or 2 paragraphs will be sufficient), along with line manager approval for you to enrol on this course. 

    1. Brief description of the project (title, objectives, and an indication of scale - i.e. who is impacted and what is the estimated duration and cost, if known)
    2. Your role in the project
    3. Why this course will benefit you, the project and the University

    This information will help us to tailor the course and any post-course support to your needs.  It will also help us to prioritise participants wishing to attend, as we are anticipating this to be a very popular course.  NB: More courses will be arranged for later in the year. 

    Learning Objectives/Outcomes

    This course will provide you with a broad understanding of the project management profession, terminology and methodology.  You will walk away with all of the basic knowledge needed to be able to manage a small (see note 2) project. 

    No prior knowledge or experience is required or assumed.  

    The syllabus covers all the key elements of project management, including:

    • Initiating a project
    • Business cases
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Resource management
    • Risk and issue management
    • Quality management
    • Change control
    • Communication and stakeholder engagement
    • Project roles and governance
    • Teamwork and project leadership
    • Project reviews

    Format of the course:

    This is a two-day classroom based course.  The 1 hour exam will be held on Day two.  

  • It is a 1hr exam which consists of 60 multiple choice questions.  The exam will be taken at the end of Day 2. 

    NB: The exam is optional, but without it you will not hold the Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ). 

    If you pass the exam you will be accredited (see note 3) with the Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) which is an industry recognised qualification accredited by the Association for Project Managers (APM) - the chartered body for Project Management.  
    The course will be 2 and 3 April 2019.

    Course and accreditation/exam fee: £200. 

    We charge this fee in order to cover the cost of the exam and accreditation from APM.  Otherwise our training time is free of charge, as it is a benefit to the University to have staff who are trained to deliver successful projects.

    Cancellation fee: £150 per candidate (if less than 2 weeks notice of cancellation).

    We anticipate a waiting list as this will be a popular course, therefore please make every effort to attend after you have enrolled and let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel. 

    There are many different types of project, examples which would benefit from this training include:  Office moves, new software or major software upgrade, restructures, major strategy implementations, partnership initiatives with external organisations, etc. 
    If you are managing a large, complex project it is recommended you gain additional training and support, beyond the content delivered in this course. Please speak to us for advice if you feel this may be the case for you. 
    Please note that we are in the process of assessment from APM to gain accreditation for this course.  We will confirm to prospective candidates before enrolment.