Writing well

  • Everybody writes. In fact, in the digital era we are all reading and writing more than ever. Some studies have shown that a typical social media user now sees about 54,000 words a day.

    With so many words fighting for attention, being able to write well has never been more important!

    The range of styles we're expected to be able to turn our hand to has also expanded. One minute we may find ourselves writing up meeting notes, the next, tweeting project updates.

    Who is it for:

    This 1.5 hour bitesize workshop is open to all staff.

    In particular:

    • Anyone who is contributing to external communications - whether these be print or digital.
    • Anyone who is looking to improve their business writing skills more generally.

    The format of the course:

    This is a hands-on workshop which lasts for 1.5 hours. We will experiment with some tools you may not have come across before, which will help bring a sense of order to the way you approach your writing. We'll also try our hand at a satisfyingly ruthless editing technique for improving clarity.

    Learning objectives:

    During the workshop you'll discover:

    • what to consider before you start writing
    • common characteristics of good writing
    • how to write with your ears
    • how to build a logical structure
    • why considering the tone of your writing is vital, and
    • how to edit like a professional.

    By the end of this session you will have:

    • a simple tool to help you plan your writing
    • a reliable technique for efficiently editing your work, and
    • a checklist for reviewing your writing.

    In preparation for the course:

    Please do bring along a piece of copy you'd like to work on during the session. We can provide some dummy copy for you to work with but you will gain greatest benefit by working on something related to your role.