Sexual consent education

  • Who is it for
    The online resources are designed for Oxford Brookes students and are being made available to staff so that they can better support any students who may disclose harassment and sexual misconduct. They will be particularly useful for Academic Advisers and those who work to support students' wellbeing.

    The resource is made up of 5 interactive online modules which consider the meaning of consent; myths and the law; ambiguities of consent including active and passive consent, and verbal and non-verbal communication of consent. Advice, support and reporting systems within the University, regionally and nationally are highlighted.


    The modules take between 60-70 minutes to complete in total.

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  • The aim is to give staff access to information that  all students are expected to engage with at enrolment.  We want to provide staff with detailed information about consent which they can use to support students if they disclose harassment and sexual misconduct.  
    During 2021-22 we will create staff development opportunities based on sexual consent education.  Further information will be advertised through the University's staff updates. 
    Dr Rachel Payne,