Drumming workshop

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  • African Drumming: Experience the joy and power of this ancient art form and discover the drummer within! 

    In this 60 minute workshop we will introduce one of Africa's most popular drums, the Djembe from West Africa. After learning how to play the different sounds on this drum, we will launch straight into a traditional drum piece, involving different rhythms, breaks, musical signals, visual cues, dynamics, spontaneous interplays and a few other surprise tricks. By the end of the session you will feel 100% re-energised, you will have overcome all your inhibitions, you will perform a 'kicking' drum piece and you will ask yourself why it took you this long to do some proper drumming.

  • Tobias Sturmer is a percussionist and drummer focusing on West African and Afro Cuban rhythms and their application in Western music education. He has studied a Jazz Diploma in New York and a MA in Ethnomusicology at SOAS, London University. To deepen his understanding of music in its cultural context he has lived, worked and taught in Senegal and Venezuela.

    Before moving to Oxford last year, he has been playing on the London Jazz, Latin Jazz and African music scene for the last 17 years performing with Badejo Dance Company, Baka Beyond, Yaaba Funk, Roberto Pla, Bollywood Brass Band, Cholomenleys Dance Company and many others.

    Tobias has wide ranging experience in teaching percussion, drums and rhythm in primary and secondary schools as well as in adult education. He taught workshops at Royal Opera House, Goethe Institute, Royal College of Music, Laban Centre, City Literary Institute and City University as well as for several music services of London boroughs.

    Tobias is a creative practitioner seeking to contribute his teaching experience not only to improving musicianship but also to promote wellbeing and community building. He leads workshops on family learning, group drumming for mental health, special needs, creativity and improvisation as well as rhythm, movement and mindfulness.