• Relaxation

  • Course content:

    In this short session, Valerie Fawcett will provide an overview of the benefits of relaxation and then guide participants through a relaxation excercise designed to invoke the relaxation response. This will be an exercise which participants will then be able to reproduce for themselves. 

    Learning to relax fully and practise relaxation regularly has been found to have a number of beneficial effects for both mind and body.

    Relaxation helps with:

    • Concentration
    • Stress prevention and management
    • Insomnia
    • Digestive problems
    • High blood pressure

    Course tutor:

    Valerie Fawcett
    Valerie Fawcett Associates (

  • Valerie was a Staff and Organisational Development Consultant within Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD) from 2010-2017.  She has now returned to working for herself. Valerie has over 20 years’ experience of providing training courses and coaching to a wide variety of clients in the public, private and voluntary sector.  Her specialisms are people management training and coaching, personal development, and women’s development.  She is an ILM qualified coach with over 300 hours’ experience, and has training in coach supervision.  Valerie’s professional training has equipped her to work with people on three main gateways to learning and change:

    • Actions/behaviour - this may involve conscious awareness and decisions to change behaviour and/or skills training
    • Thoughts/attitudes - awareness of how people's thoughts and attitudes are affecting their behaviour and emotions is often an important step in achieving change and realisation of potential.  In order to "think outside the box" people need to become aware of their own personal box!
    • Emotions - emotional awareness of self and others and the ability to manage emotions can be a key factor in personal development and successful leadership.