Tech in Mental Health

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  • Meet the AI friends that are reshaping our mental health and wellbeing

    Transformative Tech is finding its way onto our phones and devices, nudging, cajoling and inspiring us into better mental and physical fitness, listening and learning from us in real time.  Some apps are skilled therapists, others collect big data - we are entering the era of blockchain based personalised healthcare. Whether this future fills you with excitement, horror or bewilderment come and meet Woebot, Youper, Wysa and a cast of characters and ideas that will transform self-help and the way we deliver scalable mental healthcare services.

  • Romilly Gregory MBACP (Accred), BABCP (Accred)

    Romilly is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and works in private practice and in the Brookes University Occupational Health CBT service. Before retraining in CBT, Romilly worked for 25 years in the IT sector, as a computer programmer, project manager and for 9 years as Enterprise Architect for Oxfam, guiding the organisation through global IT investment decisions. She has many years experience at facilitating interactive events with diverse groups of participants.  She has recently completed a Transformative Tech Academy for innovators developing technology for mental health and wellbeing.