Working with Emotions

  • Feelings workshop

  • Enhancing awareness, restoring equilibrium and calm

    This short workshop looks at ways to use our emotions to help us enhance our sense of well-being.

    Our feelings provide us with important information and can increase our awareness of ourselves and others.  Moreover, the healthy expression of feelings can help people feel stronger and more resilient in the long-term as well as contribute to better communication between people.

    We will explore:

    • The purpose of emotions,  

    • How to use our awareness of feelings to enhance our understanding and

    • Ways to express feelings safely and constructively.

  • Alison Cumpsty, Staff and Organisational Development Consultant, OCSLD

    Alison Cumpsty is a trainer, coach and facilitator.  She has worked in OCSLD since November 2013.

    She is the programme lead for the ILM Coaching and Mentoring Level 5 Certificate programme and is also responsible for the Brookes Coaching Pool.

    Alison is an experienced coach who is skilled at helping people work through their personal issues and dilemmas in a sensitive yet practical way.  She is interested in helping people work with their feelings to resolve inner dilemmas in constructive and sustainable ways.