Brookes Leadership Programme

  • The new Brookes’ Leadership Programme is now available to both academic and professional services staff. The programme has been designed for managers in grades 8-12 and above with at least one year’s experience of managing staff. 

    Potential applicants and their managers will be able to find out more by attending one of the briefing sessions but attendance at a briefing session is not required in order to apply. Those who have expressed an interest will be contacted about briefing and interview dates.  The programme begins in February and ends with assessments in November.  

    The programme is based on the Brookes’ Leadership Capabilities model. It is very practical and consists of workshops, a work-based project, online resources, behavioural profiling, action learning sets and peer coaching and 360 Degree Feedback for level five participants. It enables participants to gain a level three or level five Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification. 

    Leadership capabilities model

    This is very much a Brookes-centred course. Based on the Brookes’ Leadership Capabilities model, it has been developed after a ‘needs analysis’ which included reviewing our previous Core Management and Leadership Programme (CMLP) and seeking the views of senior managers and existing grade 8-12 managers in focus groups.

    There will be a charge to departments for this programme.  

    Learner journey

    Please see the following link if you are interested in the NVQ level two Certificate in Team Leading or contact Kay Tillyer.  

  • Applicants will be invited to a 30-minute information - sharing interview between September and December to discuss the suitability of the programme and the appropriate level of ILM Award for each applicant. Booking for interviews will be available via this page.

    Potential applicants and their managers can find out more by attending one of the briefing sessions, dates for which will appear here, but attendance at a briefing session is not required in order to apply.

    The BLP addresses leadership issues relevant to Brookes’ vision, strategy and guiding principles. It also enables learning on the job.  Participating managers work through the programme in a group of colleagues responding to changes and challenges in the same organisation, while considering fresh perspectives and approaches. Action-learning and peer coaching will facilitate this aspect of the programme.  

    The inclusion of a work-based project chosen by participants and their own managers will help the process of applying learning to their day-to-day work, widely recognised as the most effective way of increasing the usefulness of learning.

    The ILM Leadership and Management qualification element works as follows:

    • material for workshops is written to directly meet ILM criteria for two selected study units
    • you are prompted to learn, reflect and gather examples of your performance in direct response to the ILM units by your tutors as you go along
    • you get assessed on the Award units via a presentation on being an effective manager plus a short written piece at the end of your programme
    • you achieve your Award if the assessment panel agree that your Presentation and written piece meet the ILM assessment criteria

    This replaces the NVQ style of assessment used by CMLP for which regulations had changed significantly.  Your ILM Award can be an end in itself or can form the basis for further study and management qualifications.


    BLP Programme Launch Workshop (1 day) - Valerie Fawcett and Kay Tillyer, 1 February 2017

    What is leadership at Oxford Brookes?  How can you make best use of this programme?  How will you be assessed for your ILM Leadership and Management qualification? These questions and others will be explored and we will start working on the self-awareness and personal resilience aspects of being a leader/manager. 

    Leading and Managing Change (1 day) - Ian Whiting, 23 February 2017

    In this workshop, Ian Whiting will provide you with a series of tools, techniques and knowhow to assist you in facilitating change in your own role.  The content is based on Ian’s research for the Brookes’ Managers’ Change Checklist and recommendations from the ACAS advisory organisation.   

    Strategy and Purpose (2 x ½ day workshops) - Kathy Greethurst, 8 March 2017, am

    This module will examine why and how organisations develop their strategy and purpose, review real-live examples of strategy, vision and mission statements and values in organisations, identify ways to translate strategy into action and consider ways to engage staff and other stakeholders. It will be run as 2 x 1/2 day workshops which explore theory and practice, draw on the experiences of participants and make use of Brookes as an exemplar. Participants will also spend time creating or reviewing the strategy and purpose of their team.

    Introduction to ALS/peer coaching, 22 March 2017  

    The effective leader/manager - Valerie Fawcett and Kay Tillyer, 5 April 2017

    Following up on your personal TIFF profile, we will look at how Functional Fluency helps with developing an emotionally intelligent effective leadership style, and how leadership style needs to vary with different situations and people.  How do your staff see you? What do they need from you? Why would someone want to be led by you? 

    Networking and communicating across the university and outside (½ day) - Alison Honour, 26 April 2017, am

    The workshop will explore the importance of networking and communicating widely across the University and externally. We will look at a range of approaches to ensure that you 'network with a purpose' and are more confident and effective in your networking.  

    Learning set, 26 April 2017, pm  

    Leading, managing and motivating a team - Valerie Fawcett, 10 May 2017

    How do you create a sense of common purpose in your team?  How can you turn theories of motivation and research into “engagement” into day-to-day strategies which will enable your staff to perform at their best? These questions will help with change management, delegation, and developing talent amongst your staff. 

    Action learning set/peer coaching, 22 May 2017  

    Fostering Creativity and Innovation (½ day) - Alison Honour, 7 June 2017, am

    The workshop will explore approaches to developing an environment and culture which promotes and provides opportunities for creativity and innovation. We will look at how ideas are developed through creative thinking and how this leads to innovation and leading positive change.  

    Inclusivity and Fairness (1 day) - HR team, 21 June 2017
    Action Learning Set - 27 June 2017 pm

    Finance for Non-financial Managers at Brookes - Finance Team,
    5 July 2017

    This very practical workshop will address two key aspects of finance for non-financial managers at Brookes:

    • How does University finance work and what do you need to know about it?

    How do you manage your budget at Brookes? 

    Presentation Skills (2 x ½ day workshops) - Anne O’Dwyer, 4 and 11 October 2017

    Anne O’Dwyer will share tips and techniques for planning and structuring your presentations, handling the audience, and using appropriate visual aids (including technology.  She will also help you to work on your confidence and personal presence – especially voice, body language and managing nerves to engage your audience.  These sessions will also prepare you for your assessment presentation.  

    Strategy and purpose 2 + revision, 18 October 2017  
    Assessment, Level 3 - 8 November 2017
    Assessment, Level 5 – 15 November 2017


    See The Brookes Leadership Programme Workshops for all dates.

    "The BLP has been excellent from day one of the launch workshop. I've taken thoughts and ideas away from every session throughout the programme which I know will help with my current role as well as any possible future career opportunities. The time spent with the tutor on the TIFF profile and the 360 feedback were extremely useful sessions for me in reflecting on my own management style - invaluable"  Steve Holtom
    Electrical Services Manager, Estates and Facilities Management

    "This programme has enhanced my effectiveness from day one. The sessions and tutors are inspiring, and I always come away with new ideas and a fresh perspective. I've learnt so much from the theory, the readings and case studies of management practice and about my own styles and preferences. It's been immeasurably valuable to me"  Kirsty McNally, Acting Marketing Manager, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

    “The Brookes Leadership Programme contains many informative and well-paced learning sessions which should prove invaluable to me in my future career at Brookes.”  Joe Walter, Business Partnership Manager, OBIS