Leadership and Management: The essentials

  • Who is it for?

    New managers and other managers who would like a short course on key management skills.  Please tell us if you are a non-manager when booking.

    Course content:

    This course will give managers insights into their management and leadership role and practical strategies for carrying out the tasks of the role. Topics include: managing workload, management/ leadership styles, the management relationship, communicating as a manager/leader, delegation, encouraging engagement, agreeing objectives.

    Day 1 

    Day 2 

    Describe how teams work most effectively

    Describe the principles of performance management

    Define the leadership/management role

    Explain the conflict of roles in the management relationship

    Explain the difference between leadership and management

    Identify how you contribute to motivation and "engagement"

    Relate the concept of "vision" to your role

    Describe ways to deal with resistance to change

    Explore preferences in management style

    Explain the most effective communication styles

    Explain how and when to adapt management style

    Describe the principles of giving feedback and setting objectives

    Identify your "stakeholders"

    Describe strategies for managing emotions

    Describe strategies for managing workload

    Identify an action plan for your own effectiveness

    Explain how to delegate effectively

    Increase self-awareness

    • 1 principle vital to effective delegation
    • 3 keys to leading a successful team
    • 5 performance management myths
    • 5 effective communication styles for challenging conversations
    • 2 things you need to know about managing former peers
    • 5 working styles which differ with personality, their strengths and weaknesses
    • 3 tools for problem-solving and decision-making

    "Very practically orientated - a lot of team work and participation from the people attending. A great overview of different techniques."

    "This taught me a lot about myself and how to apply the knowledge effectively to a management role. Roleplaying was very helpful too; theory is all well and good but getting to practise as well is excellent."

    If you are unable to attend a course we require 5 working days' notice of non-attendance, otherwise a cancellation charge of £50 will be made for each day of a course (or part thereof).