Apprenticeships - develop your career in Management further

  • If you have enjoyed workshops in OCSLD’s new management and leadership offer, you might want to take your career to another level as a qualified professional. You can do this by developing new skills and building on existing skills as an apprentice - no matter your age or experience - even if you already have a degree.  Brookes can also fund you to do it -  free of charge to you or your department.

    The programmes:

    • If you are a very NEW MANAGER

    Team Leader/New Manager Apprenticeship
    (good if you are new in a first-line management role)

    Level 3
    • If you ALREADY MANAGE a small team or operation

    Operations Manager Apprenticeship
    (if you manage teams and projects to goals as part of a strategy)

    Level 5
    degree equiv)
    • If you ALREADY MANAGE a programme, group or department

    Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship
    (if you manage and develop teams and large scale projects for long-term organisational success)

    Level 6
    • If you are taking on or already do a SENIOR MANAGER role

    Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship
    (if you work at a strategic level on cross-university projects and/or take responsibility for vision, direction and/or governance)

    Level 7

    What you need to do:

    • Use OCSLD’s management and leadership offer to do workshops and find out what your talents and interests are, talk to your line manager about your development (in one to one, or PDR and in exploring your choice of workshops) you aim to grow as a professional manager
    • Contact OCSLD to explore how apprenticeships work: we will work with you to see how they fit your level, role, your career path and the wider needs of your team. And then work with you at any stage of procuring your apprenticeship programme.

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