From Conflict to Collaboration Workshop

  • Who is it for?
    All managers who are interested in developing collaborative ways of working.

    Some conflict is a natural and healthy part of organisational life. Of course, conflict can be damaging and negative but other times it can lead to greater understanding, more creative solutions and better outcomes. This module explores how to recognise the difference between constructive and destructive conflict and looks at practical ways to turn conflict into collaboration

    Thursday 25 June 2020, 9.30 - 12.30 pm

    Half-day workshop

    W2.08, Simon Williams Centre, Wheatley 

  • To explore constructive and destructive conflict and learn ways of turning conflict into a positive, collaborative approach with colleagues.

    You will:

    • examine the differences between constructive and destructive conflict
    • identify common ways of dealing with conflict
    • familiarise yourself with conflict-management approaches
    • explored strategies for working with conflict on an individual basis and in groups
    • build your resilience for dealing with conflict


    • Tea and coffee will be available.
      (Lunch will be available for full day workshops)

    Joining Instructions

    • Joining instructions: will be sent to you by email 10 days prior to the workshop.  


    • Evaluation: your comments are valuable and you will be asked to complete a form at the end of the workshop.

    Unable to attend

    • Please let us know asap (email if you are unable to attend as we can give your space to another participant.
    • Alison Cumpsty