The Self-Aware Manager Workshop

  • Who is it for?
    All managers who want to develop their understanding of themselves and others.

    Self-awareness is critical for effective management and underpins the relational element of the leadership role. In this workshop, we explore important dimensions of self-awareness, including personality types and leadership style. We look at ways to use our everyday experience to enhance our understanding of ourselves and others.

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    W2.08, Simon Williams Centre, Wheatley
  • To provide fresh insight into your approach to managing a team and enhance your working relationships through greater self awareness.

    At the end of the workshop, you will:

    • be clear about the value of self-awareness for managers
    • have considered your own MBTI profile and its implications for your own style of working
    • explored your own preferred leadership style
    • be able to use your own experiences for self-development
    • be clear about the ILM assessment process
    Completion of an online MBTI (personality type) questionnaire.


    • Tea and coffee will be available.
      (Lunch will be available for full day workshops)

    Joining Instructions

    • Joining instructions: will be sent to you by email 10 days prior to the workshop.  


    • Evaluation: your comments are valuable and you will be asked to complete a form at the end of the workshop.

    Unable to attend

    • Please let us know asap (email if you are unable to attend as we can give your space to another participant.

    Learners will be required to undertake a project on their personal and professional development which will be assessed. Learners will receive tutorial support.

    Costs (as at September 2019):

    MBTI report £47

    • Alison Cumpsty