Working collaboratively within the University

  • Who is it for?

    This short workshop is for managers who wish to explore collaborative working within the University.    

    Course Content

    Success at work partly depends on working effectively with other people.  On this workshop, we will explore the opportunities and challenges in this.  We will look at ways to enhance personal influence, build networks and work constructively with a diverse range of people.


    Participants will have an opportunity to

    • Explore what ‘Influence’ means within the context of collaborative working
    • Identify their own personal  communication style and explore other styles of behaviour
    • Look at networking, its value, opportunities plus ways to build an effective network
    • Constructive ways of responding to difference and conflict.


    This is a half-day workshop.  It will be run in an open, informal way with plenty of opportunity to explore and discuss the ideas presented.  We will encourage you to reflect on your own experiences of working with others and develop ideas for enhancing your own working practice.